Our essence makes us unique

The meaning of Exheus results from combining the first letters of the words “Expression of Health for Us”.

A tribute to Emma Roca

Emma Roca’s legacy goes beyond numerous podiums in ultra distance races.

Apart from being a biochemist, ultra-long distance runner and firefighter for the GRAE, she was also the researcher who gave rise to what we now know as exheus thanks to her numerous studies and her doctoral thesis.

A fight against cancer

Resilience There is no word that better describes Emma Roca. He fought cancer until the last minute. Many will think that he lost the battle.

But Emma is still there. In each analyzed blood sample, in each detected RNA molecule. Emma has given us the most powerful tool that exists to understand what happens inside us.

8.5 times around the world

“I have important and very varied races and results, both national and international. But I am left with the fact that if I add up all the km done up to 2018, training and competing are equivalent to more than 4,050 marathons in a row or 8.5 laps of the world in bike where I have suffered, enjoyed and learned from a non-stop life! “

Emma Roca, August 12, 1972 – June 18, 2021

How was Exheus born?

Exheus was born from the hand of our Co-founder Emma Roca, an elite ultra long-distance runner and biochemist. Passionate about her work, she decided to study the effect of high intensity sport on people’s health.

At that time, Dr. José Manuel Soria, Co-Founder and director of genetics and complex diseases at Hospital Sant Pau, joined the project, who had the brilliant idea of ​​analyzing the expression of genes (RNA) instead of conventional parameters. .

That’s when the magic began: Dr. Alexandre Perera, Co-founder and expert in artificial intelligence, created together with the team some mathematical models that made it possible to quantify and compare the expression of genes to understand all the information provided by RNA.

Currently we are already more than 15 people in the team committed to a common goal: to improve people’s health so that they can live longer and better.

Why are we healthy?

Since the beginning of humanity, society has always sought an answer to the question “Why do we get sick”, placing disease at the epicenter of all medical studies.

The exheus philosophy, on the other hand, poses a very similar, yet different question: “Why are we healthy?”

Our goal is not only to understand why we get sick, but also to understand why we are healthy and how we can continue to live in good shape for the rest of our days.

Passion for the mountains

One of the elements that characterizes the exheus team is that all the members of the founding team share a common passion: the passion for mountains and nature.

From the glaciers of Everest to the Amazon rainforest, the team members have lived countless experiences in the most remote corners of the world, seeking peace and respect in the environment.

Institutions that are part of Exheus

Exheus is a Spin-off of the Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital Sant Pau, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the Mobile World Capital.