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A unique RNA test in the world

Discover which genes are active in your body

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Exheus tells you everything you need to know to take maximum care of yourself and avoid risks to your health.

Nutri Diet

Nutrition & Wellness

For losing weight in a healthy way and detect alterations in your health.


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*Delivery time between 4 and 6 weeks. Comprehensive 100% personalized advice.

Blue Boost

Sports performance

For maximizing your sports results and avoiding injuries.

Temporalmente agotado

*Delivery time between 4 and 6 weeks. Comprehensive 100% personalized advice

Your genes can be activated

Your genes turn on and off depending on your lifestyle. RNA regulates its intensity at all times.

Your genetic map in 3 steps

Through a small blood draw you can control everything that is happening in your body:

1. Blood draw

In one of our specialized centers.

2. RNA Analysis

By our scientific team, experts in genetics.

3. Your report is ready

Genetic results + improvement plan

Backed by science

Our scientific team has more than 50 publications in the most prestigious scientific journals in the world.

For athletes who want to maximize their performance

For people who want to improve their health and well-being

"The first genetic report that analyzes the activation of the 22,000 genes of your body "

"A technology that allows optimizing physical performance and health with a blood sample"

"Exheus studies how genes are expressed and extracts detailed information about what happens to the body"

What people say about us

"The Test has confirmed that I am eating a good diet, but it has also alerted me to certain risks that I must take care of to avoid future problems with very specific and personalized recommendations."
Eli Abad
"The test helped me obtain adequate energy levels to improve my physical and mental state, as well as my sports performance. I appreciate the explanations of the nutritionist, who helped me understand the results."
August Jimenez
"The interview with the Exheus nutritionist clarified all the points of the report, with its guidelines and recommendations, which I have already put into practice, I have begun to see improvements".
Joana López
"Surprising everything that can be seen with a test of these, I did not expect so much detail in the report."
Albert Canals
"Without a doubt, the test has put me in my boxes and has helped me understand that the diet I was following was not adapted to my physiological needs."
María Lopez
“I took a first test to see my condition. Thanks to the nutri Plan I lost 4 kilos and I have improved almost all the parameters that were altered with the second test. "
Adrián Boo Rivas
“The scientific team behind Exheus has seemed very professional to me. The results have taken me a bit to arrive but without a doubt it has been worth it ”.
Carmen Rojas
"I don't like needles too much but despite everything the results are brutal, I did not expect to be able to know so much about me from a simple blood sample."
Paloma Leal
"I did the Blue Boost to maximize my performance and they have eliminated foods in my diet that were causing inflammation without my knowledge."
Joan Rivera
“I did not know that there are vegetables that could make me feel bad. Now I eat in a responsible way and it is all thanks to the detection of the digestive system parameters that prevented me from sleeping well. "
Marta Romero
"I was supplementing badly and I hadn't realized it. Definitely a highly recommended test."
Raquel Vázquez
"Impressive. Results take time to come but the test is worth it. Nothing to do with other DNA tests out there. "
Ricard Bastells

The World's Most Comprehensive Health Report

Exheus analyzes the activation of the 22,000 genes in your body and more than 360 biochemical parameters of your health.

Your genetic map grouped into 3 categories

Information about your metabolism

It allows you to see how your body absorbs and transforms carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids, etc.

The state of your body and aging

It allows you to see the status of all the systems of your body: immune, digestive, circulatory system, etc.

Inflammations and infections

It allows you to prevent health problems and reduce the risk of inflammations and infections.

Tus genes no te definen, su activación sí

Exheus te muestra cómo se activan tus genes mediante el análisis del ARN para poder detectar y corregir todas las alteraciones de tu cuerpo que afectan a tu salud.

Samples analyzed
Detected anomalies
Corrections made

Start living longer and better

Find out why our tests are the most complete on the market.